The Sensory Immersion Tour

NZD 525,00 NZ$
  • Продолжительность: 7 час. (прибл.)
  • Место встречи: Queenstown
The Sensory Immersion Tour is the world’s first multi-sensory wine pairing experience – this one-of-a-kind-tour reimagines the well-known food and wine pairing with music, sounds, colour, texture, scent and more. Based on the latest cutting-edge research in food science and sensory experience, this exclusive NZ Wine Tours-designed immersive tasting engages all 5 senses (aided by 12+ pairings w/ Central Otago’s finest wines) to explore how each sense affects the way we perceive wine and flavours – all in the privacy of The Aroma Room. This bespoke session will be followed by an a-la-carte lunch with wine at Mt Difficulty winery restaurant, where you will dine amongst the rugged beauty of Bannockburn’s mountainous vistas. Your day will conclude with visits to two more wineries, chosen on the day to suit your tastes, and a lovely scenic drive through the Kawarau Gorge back to Queenstown.